Importance of Time Management


How to limit procrastination?

Organization and time management may very well be the most crucial part to preparing for final exams. Getting good grades becomes harder to accomplish the more students are distracted. However, procrastination becomes a huge obstacle that many students are unable to overcome.


Make a schedule

Marking down the date when assignments and papers are due can aid in planning ahead of time when to start studying. It also helps them prioritize bigger projects as it allows them to keep track of what’s coming up next (

Setting goals

Having a daily goal may help them become more productive, especially if they have a schedule that they can consult at any time to make sure that things are going as planned and finished on time (

Don't cram for everything in one night!

Studying in shorter periods of time means that students can take smaller breaks in between sessions. In contrast, working on a project for a long period of time may result in taking much longer breaks due to a lack of concentration and motivation to continue to work on one thing (